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The Bomb Room

Difficulty Level:
2 Levels:
Easy or Medium

Last week you fired an employee that was acting erratically. Today you walk into your office and close the door and hear a loud click. The speaker above you comes on and the fired employee says, "You are now locked in your office and there is a bomb hidden somewhere inside. You have one hour to find the bomb and disarm it. Good Luck Boss!"

Studio 99 Room

Difficulty Level:
2 Levels:
Medium or Hard

It's New Year's Eve 1999, the busiest night of the year! A competitor has sabotaged your nightclub, Studio 99. You have 1 hour for you and your staff to get everything up and running before guests arrive! Do you have what it takes to outsmart your competitor?

The Fear Room

Difficulty Level:
1 Level:

You and your fellow detectives have been called out to investigate a suspected murder scene at an abandoned warehouse. As you enter the building, you are separated into two groups and get trapped. You must find your way back to the group and combine your efforts to escape the trap! Let the games begin!


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